Resident says living conditions are "horrible" at Ace Motor Lodge

RENO, NV (KOLO) - Bedbugs, cockroaches, black mold and no air conditioning is what one resident says you can get for $650 a month at the Ace Motor Lodge in downtown Reno.

"The bed bugs are eating me alive," Clifton Climmons, says.

Climmons has lived in the motel for three months. He says he has to sleep with the lights on just to keep the cockroaches from crawling all over him at night.

"If I turn them off I get covered with them. The light stays on constantly," he says.

In addition to the bugs, he says there is black mold growing in the bathroom and the air conditioning doesn't work.

"Horrible, horrible conditions as you can see I'm sweating and the air conditioner is supposed to be on," he says.

Climmons says he's asked his landlord multiple times to fix these issues but he only provides temporary solutions. Climmons even had to plug up holes in the walls and ceiling with toothpaste because cockroaches were tunneling their way into his room from above.

"He comes in and sprays some things and it doesn't kill anything," he says.

We asked the owner for comment on the conditions of room 234 and he said, "I have nothing to say to you folks or anybody else."

Climmons says since he started asking for things to be fixed, the owner is evicting him at the end of July.

"Yeah he told me since I was complaining and nobody else was that I was a troublemaker and to get off his property," he says.

Climmons says he wants the city to do something about these conditions because he can't live like this any longer.

"I just want the City of Reno to see this here and maybe they could help us or have him to fix it," he says. "I pay my money and am supposed to live comfortable but I have to worry about knocking bugs off of me and looking at them crawl across my food, that's just nasty period."

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