Group collects food for pets and livestock in Camp Fire

Published: Nov. 12, 2018 at 5:21 PM PST
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We've seen the pictures of abandoned dogs and horses wandering the streets near Paradise. The owner of one horse shared a picture of his mare standing in the backyard pool. He says the pool cover prevented her from drowning but may have also saved her life from the


“They were safe and they didn't get burned,” Cathy Fallon says about her horses.

Fallon says all she could do was hose down her barn and hope for the best.

"My son said to me, we are on our own here. And I am, yeah, we are definitely on our own,” says Fallon.

There are many horse owners impacted by the Camp Fire whose animals will need food and care until they can find a more permanent home.

To help out, Reno Sparks Horse Helpers is gathering items to feed and manage the animals at temporary shelters near the burned-out areas, knowing this is going to be a long recovery.

“It is the right thing to do. It is a simple thing to do for people who have lost everything,” says Elizabeth Tucker, Horse Helpers Donation Coordinator.

Trailers are being loaded up with donated materials. They are anticipating items collectively will weigh in the tons. That's because hay and 50-pound bags of food add up and will be taken into California this Saturday.

Peterbilt has offered to donate a big truck if needed.

For horses, halters, lead robes, buckets, feed pan, large water buckets, rice bran, blankets, grass pellets and alfalfa cubes are good options. For family pets, cat and dog food, new pet beds, and toys can be donated..

For humans: Visa and Master Card gift cards, gas cards, or gift cards to Walmart or Target are the best options, as that way residents can buy what they need right now.

Just behind not knowing where your animal is, is wondering how you will be able to meet his needs. Easing the burden for animal owners impacted by the Camp Fire would be an incalculable act of kindness.

If you want to donate to Reno Sparks Horse Helpers, go to the group's