Local family starts foundation to honor daughter who died in bounce house

RENO, Nev. (KOLO) July 14, 2019 is a day the Hammond family will never forget. Wendy Hammond and her three kids, Lizzy, Danny, and Abbey were at a friend's birthday party in South Reno. Lizzy and Danny were playing inside of a bounce house there, when a gust of wind lifted it off the ground and into power lines.

At the time Danny was four years old and walked away from the incident but nine-year-old Lizzy was killed.

"Last thing I heard was mmhmmm and then the last thing she was, was dead," Danny said.

Wendy said the bounce house was so high up that no one could reach it until the fire department got there.

"I swear I thought I heard a 'mommy I'm okay' and I thought it was Lizzy and I was trying to stay positive and thought if we could hear one of them, then all of them were okay," she said. "It never crossed my mind that she was already gone."

Lizzy died on July 16 at Renown Hospital in Reno.

Her parents chose to keep Lizzy's legacy alive and her father, Mitchell, said that three donor recipients now have their daughter's kidneys and liver.

"Kind of that bittersweet you know, knowing she's helped someone else but I hate that she's not here," Mitchell said.

In Lizzy's honor, the family has started The Lizzy Hammond Foundation to educate families on child safety.

Mitchell and Wendy have also met with Reno Mayor Hillary Schieve and Congressman Mark Amodei. They said they want new legislation to be drawn so that bounce house businesses are regulated.

"We can't have her back and there's no law to protect any other kid from being injured," Mitchell said. "Get some legislation on the books that pertain to bounce houses, that they are regulated a certain way to stake them down."

The Hammonds also want the owner of the bounce house to be held responsible. They are suing for wrongful death.

My daughter's not here because someone didn't do what they should have done," Mitchell said.

You can donate to The Lizzy Hammond Foundation online or in person at any Greater Nevada Credit Union.

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