Local expert encourages target shooting on gun range

Published: Jun. 22, 2018 at 4:21 PM PDT
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After winning an international shooting competition, precision shooting expert Addison Mohler is now aiming for a spot on the U.S. team. If he makes that team, he'll go on to compete at the World Championships in South Africa. Mohler attributes his success to honing his skills at the


"I've learned to shoot here with the help of mentors and the Palomino Gun Club and the wind, which has translated into me shooting well other places too," he says.

The windy conditions of Reno are what he says prepares him to shoot anywhere in the world.

"You know the old saying goes smooth seas never made a good sailor, well there's no smooth seas here in Reno," Mohler says.

The expert perspective and instruction provided at the gun range are what Mohler says have made all the difference.

"The instructors here they can see where you're impacting and how to adjust and that's how you learn because people are showing you how to do it," he says.

The controlled environment also helps mitigate safety risks, like the potential of sparking a wildfire.

"There's little dugouts up there in the berm up there where the bullets are impacting and there's no vegetation; it's just dirt and people are sitting here watching so nothing is going to catch on fire," Mohler says.

Cheryl Dey began shooting at the range several years ago and now, she's a national record holder for F-Class long range shooting.

"I didn't know anything, so starting at square one, I got to learn really good basics and people will help you as much as you're willing to let them help you," Dey says.

Both Mohler and Dey are part of the

. They say the family-like environment is a great place to sharpen shooting skills.

The club is hosting a Long Range Open House June 30 at the Washoe County Shooting Facility. The event is free but those who wish to shoot can pay $10 to shoot 600 yards or $15 to shoot 1,000 yards.