Young amputee finds success in virtual classroom

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SPARKS, Nev. (KOLO) - Eight-year-old Logan Lansborough was born without his shin bones. When his parents found out their child would have to have both his legs amputated, they knew, despite the challenges ahead, that everything was going to be okay.

“You know for a moment it was kind of (takes a breath), but then you realize it’s just legs,” says Logan’s father Michael Lansborough.

Logan was 17 months old when he had the surgery and at two years old got his first pair of prosthetic legs. Michael says he has never considered Logan’s condition to be a disability but an adaptability.

“Because you know, they adapt. You know, they’re not unable to do anything else that we can’t do or anybody else can do. They just adapt to be able to do it differently.”

Although you might not be able to tell at first glance, Logan doesn’t have many physical limitations. His father says his son is just an ordinary boy.

“The only thing different is he is shorter.”

Because Logan can do most things for himself, his parents didn’t question putting him in public school for Kindergarten last year, but when they were told he would be put in a special education class, they were taken aback.

“We felt that putting him in a special needs class would probably hurt him more than help him and it hurt us more also,” says Michael Lansborough.

To make sure Logan could take normal classes, his parents decided to enroll him in an online public school called Nevada Virtual Academy.

“It’s just normal school, except it’s a shorter amount of time that they are together,” says Michael Lansborough.

He is now in his second year with Nevada Virtual Academy and Logan says he likes everything about it.

“My teachers, my classmates, and the math.”

Michael says they weren’t aware of the school before but it’s been such a blessing that they hope other families, like theirs, know there are options.

“It gave us flexibility to go, to be able to go to doctor appointments or fittings for his prosthetics.”

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