Tips for parents: Keeping back-to-school kids healthy

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RENO, Nev. (KOLO) It’s been a rough few months in Washoe County when it comes to the flu, including record-breaking numbers at one local hospital.

In 2017, staff at St. Mary’s reported 97 flu cases. That’s 66 cases more than 2016.

For parents, a concern would be how to keep their kids healthy when they go back to school Tuesday. One local doctor offered some tips.

“I recommend hand hygiene, washing before you eat,” said Dr. Bayo Curry-Winchell of Saint Mary’s Medical Group. ”Also coughing into your elbow. The other thing is getting the flu shot, although strains have been resistant, It can lessen symptoms if you do contract the flu.”

Dr. Curry-Wenchel also says taking things like vitamin C and Airborne tablets can be helpful to lower this risk, that is, if you don’t take too many.

"I do think it can help,” she said. “If you take a nutrient or a supplement not only can it be helpful but especially if you combine it with washing your hands and doing other things to prevent illness."

Will flu accompany students back to school?