Local developer helping affordable housing crisis

Published: Dec. 26, 2019 at 10:48 PM PST
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The Sky Mountain by Vintage apartments in Northwest Reno is being built by a local developer who said his goal is to offer more low-cost living options.

Northern Nevada continues to grow and many companies are moving into the area, creating jobs and a stronger economy, but for many like Cynthia Mills, the search for affordable housing is still hard.

"I've had to move in with my mother, I cannot afford my own housing, I have been on disability, so I’m trying to get off of that, but I am still having a problem affording any housing," said Mills.

In 3 years, her one-bedroom apartment doubled in rent. Mills said it's a crisis that is making it difficult for many to put a roof over their heads.

"I’ve had to limit just about everything in order to be able to pay for rent, you know, to go to the movies, I don't do that, I don't do anything anymore," said Mills.

Less than a block away from Mills’ apartment on Sky Mountain Drive is a development that will hopefully provide hundreds like her, some relief.

Sky Mountain apartments in Northwest Reno will consist of 288 units, starting in the lower 800's and going up to 1,100 dollars a month. Dane Hillyard with Greenstreet Companies said with growth there are also many issues.

"We are one of the biggest cities that people want to move to across the western U.S. and so it is a combination of those two things, which drives up rents, that’s supply and demand. So not a lot being built more people the rents go up," said Hillyard.

To get qualified to live at these apartments, tenants must be within the 60 percent range of our area’s median income, which is around 35,000 to 55,000 dollars a year.

Hillyard says the hardest part about the project was finding a good site as the price of land continues to rise.

"We have a very high demand and we are very close to the California market place that wants to get out and business is harder over there and housing is way more expensive than it is here, so that fight is going to continue,” said Hillyard.

Greenstreet Companies said it has the City of Reno’s support and is planning more developments to provide a more affordable life for Nevadans.

Sky Mountain’s leasing office will be open and will start taking applications, and to continue battling the crisis, Greenstreet Companies closed a deal on a new affordable apartment development for seniors with 208 units that will be located near the Peppermill.

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