Local designer heads to exclusive NY trade show

Published: Jun. 5, 2016 at 11:30 PM PDT
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A local designer is showcasing her work in an exclusive New York trade show. How this architect-turned-designer found her calling in the Biggest Little City.

Each piece of fabric is designed, cut and stitched by Casey Sibley.

"Everything is very bright and bold and all of my fabric patterns are from hand-drawn designs," she said.

She has a collection of home goods from pillows to tote bags to storage bins, all created by her. She doesn't need a factory to make her products; she runs her entire business from her home in Reno.

"This is where I started my business and this is where my business has been growing and hopefully I can continue to grow here; this is an amazing community."

She's a designer at heart. First it was buildings as an architect, but she didn't find her true passion until she started painting and listing her artwork online.

"I was just hooked from there. This is what I want to do, is be an artist."

Then she began printing her art onto fabric and that's when her wholesale business was born.

"Up until July of last year, I still had a day job and doing this on the side and slowly transition, like tapering off my hours so I could focus more on my business."

Her products can be found in stores throughout the country, in Canada and Australia. In August, she'll be showcasing her products in at NYNOW, a home-goods trade show.

"This is going to be an incredible opportunity to really get my product in front of thousands of people that I would never be able to reach on my own or even find because one of the challenges in selling wholesale is to find shops to find my work."

Her goal is to come back home with double the amount of vendors that will sell her handmade goods.

If you'd like to help fund her designs and trip, click the link located on the side bar.