Local creative agency helping to bring together Northern Nevada

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RENO, Nev. (KOLO) - The global pandemic has led businesses to face a time of panic, tenants are uncertain if they will be able to pay rent, and families are struggling to put food on the table, but Elizabeth Mumford, co-owner of a local creative agency, said along with her team they are hoping to provide some form of relief.

“If businesses are going to shut down we need to get ahead of this right now, how can we start paying people right now, that owe a bill right now, that need food right now, that are stuck right now,” Mumford explained.

Mabble Media has created a campaign called Wash-oe Hands where nearly 2 thousand business owners, non-profit organizations, and concerned community members gather to provide help and guidance through Facebook.

Mumford said being a small business owner allows her to understand that there are families needing support during this crucial time.

“Whether they are the employee that just got laid off, or they are the business that is looking at their staff saying I don’t know what to do, that was definitely the thing that kind of woke me up,” said Mumford.

Businesses use this campaign to continue offering their services online. Yoga instructors are going live to provide classes, counselors are giving the advice to combat mental illness, and links are available to assist those facing financial difficulties. It is a campaign that gives our community a sense of belonging.

“I think people coming together and collaborating makes them feel like they can do something like they aren’t stuck,” stated Mumford. “That is what I am noticing as I am talking to other people, they just feel stuck and so these events will help them interact with other people. ”

Wash-oe Hands is a campaign that brings light to a dark situation, hoping to strengthen Northern Nevada to battle the impact of COVID-19.

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