Local couple celebrates more than 60 years of marriage

CARSON CITY, Nev. (KOLO) - Love is in the air and it has been for 61 years for John and Linda McKenzie.

They first met in high school and started dating during their senior year.

"This girl was a treasure in high school," said John. "So it had to do with a lot of pushing, it took a while."

With John's persistence, it all paid off.

"We have three wonderful children and out of that we've had twelve grandchildren," added Linda. "now we have 2 great grandchildren and another great grandchild along the way."

Hiking and traveling are just a few of their favorite activities they like to do together as well as spending time with their beloved dog Dora.

They said through thick and thin.....it's all about supporting one another.

"I had cancer and our daughter's husband is a medical doctor here in this area and so we came here for the surgery," explained Linda. "After about 6 months of coming back and forth, we decided we needed to be near our daughter, family and the medical treatment so we moved to Carson City 13 years ago."

Their secret on their long lasting marriage?

"Well I think we do have a secret, don't we?" said Linda. "We both accepted the lord, Jesus Christ as our savior and that's been the glue that's held us together along with studying the bible together...and that's the glue that's held us together."

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