Local coffee shop slated for demolition

RENO, Nev. (KOLO) - A local coffee shop will brew its last cup of coffee at its Record Street location. Bibo Coffee Company across UNR announced its last day Thursday.

According to its owners Paul and Debbie Martin the land was bought by a private developer to build student housing.

The owners are actively looking for another location near the campus. “We would love to stay in the area, the community is amazing, and it’s a great place for a coffee shop. The building is unique and it can’t be replaced nor can the memories,” said Debbie Martin.

Martin said the location is slated for demolition soon and students wrote goodbye messages on the inside of the building.

She said, “It feels great to know that people have appreciated us being here. We enjoyed being part of the community.”

Student Anthony Romero said, “It’s still almost a little irritating that the expansion of UNR has somehow bled through to the south end, and all the way to this café, so it’s a little unfortunate.”

Worker Braulio Claro said, “I’ve been working here for three years and it just feels like a special and unique place that isn’t going to be around here anymore.”

The coffee shop will have a going away party at the Record Street location today at 6 p.m. there will be live music and food trucks.

Bibo Coffee Company has other locations around town.

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