Local chocolate milk ranked among best in the world

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RENO, Nev. (KOLO) Sand Hill Dairy in Fallon is earning praise for its chocolate milk.

"I think it's great, because from the beginning we've had a lot of luck from our customers that have talked about our chocolate milk and have said how great it was," said owner Isidro Alves. "And I definitely appreciate that."

The website afoolzerrand.com is dedicated to finding and ranking the best chocolate milks in the world. The man who started it, Perry James, has sampled 1,353 different kinds in 51 countries, awarding a perfect score just 26 times. And that includes Sand Hill's popular product.

"You get a guy from the outside that has tried a ton of these, and it just kind of reinforces what people have been telling us," added Alves. "So it makes you pretty proud."

James says the dairy earned it's score due to it's buttery cream, and the fact that it's saltier than sweet.

"I think it comes down to using quality ingredients," said Alves. " We start with whole milk, we use cane sugar instead of liquid sugar, and then we use a premium chocolate. I think those three things kind of add to making our chocolate milk up to the top."

Sand Hill is the only farmstead dairy in the state of Nevada, meaning they not only produce it, but also sell it directly to stores and casinos. And it's not homogenized, so they have a different look and taste than the other mainstream competitors.

"Our whole milk has fat; the whole milk in the stores has fat, you just don't see it their milk," admitted Alves. "And it's done in our industry for appearance. But we don't do that process, so our cream will rise to the top and you have to give it a good shake before you pour it, or you'll get a good clump of cream."

It's a nod back to the old days of dairy. And if you try it, you'll notice the difference.

"When I talk to somebody who actually is a milk drinker, I really beg them to try it and just let me know," added Alves. "The true milk drinker will know the difference."

For more information on Sand Hill's products, to to find them in stores, click here Sand Hill Dairy

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