Local car rental company offering discounts for healthcare workers

RENO, Nev. (KOLO) - A local car rental company is doing their part to help the community during these hard times.

Like most businesses in our area...Rent-A-Wreck is struggling to keep sales during the Covid-19 outbreak, but they're trying hard to help those who help us.

Rent- A- Wreck is offering discounts to traveling nurses and any health care workers needing to rent a car.

Jerry Ali is the owner of Rent-A-Wreck

"We've been doing a program for our nurses, they've been coming to us for years and years, they are traveling nurses basically. There's always a shortage of health workers so we've been giving them the best possible prices we can," said Ali. "So we're still doing that, if somebody calls us or if we know they're traveling from California, we're still trying to help as much as we can."

They also want the community to know if there's anything they can do for you to just let them know.

"We want to wish the everyone to stay healthy and if there's something our business can do for the community we're always here," added Ali. "We ask people to do the same for each other. This is a very tough time. Hopefully we don't see something like this in our lifetime again."

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