Local businesses help those working without pay at airport

RENO, Nev. (KOLO) As the government shutdown continues, the impact is being felt all across the country and about 200 employees at Reno-Tahoe International Airport are working without pay. The airport says even though they're not being paid, these federal workers, have continued to work.

"We are actually doing great, thanks to our TSA, Customs and Border Protection and FAA," airport spokesman Brian Kulpin says. "They're all here at work. There has not been a sickout here."

Kulpin says multiple businesses in Northern Nevada have stepped up to help out.

"From the Atlantis to the Peppermill, to United Airlines stepping up," he says. "And we're buying lunch for all of these government employees tomorrow."

Rounds Bakery supplied 100 meals for TSA workers. The owner, Anton Novak, is a former pilot. He says this shutdown hits close to home.

"I relied daily on TSA, air traffic control and all of the people in the aviation world, and when this happens and they're working without pay, that can quickly turn into a crisis situation."

Kulpin and Novak both say they'll continue to help ease the burden for those going without paychecks. Kulpin says they are actively seeking solutions.

"We met with TSA, airlines, and said, what is our contingency plan if this continues, and we're putting that together as we speak and the community is a big part of that," he says.