Local businesses give discounts to organ donors

Published: Apr. 1, 2016 at 12:21 AM PDT
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Across town you might be noticing little red hearts on shop windows or on table tops. It is called the Have A Little Heart program and it is designed to raise awareness for organ donation. Mustard Seed in Midtown is one of the participating restaurants.

“'Cause I believe in it. I have a sister who received a liver transplant two years ago and is doing fantastic now,” said Pattsy Blackmon, co-owner, Mustard Seed.

Many of the participating restaurants and shops are offering discounts. All you have to do is show the little heart on your driver's license.

This is a program very dear to Mayor Hillary Schieve. At 21, she became very sick from strep throat and the illness spread to her kidneys.

“Super fortunate that my sister Amanda Sanchez donated her kidney to me and saved my life,” Schieve said. The mayor said the little heart on your driver's license is just the first step.

“It is simply a way to have a conversation it really has to be initiated by a family member so in the event of your death, then that’s what happens, it is a family member that gives the OK and the right to donate those organs.”

That is why the mayor is proud of the local businesses that are stepping up to help.

“These are business that really went out and embraced this campaign and they didn’t have to.”

You don’t have to go to the Nevada Department of Motor Vehicles to change your license to become an organ donor. Donor Network West will do it for free online and you can use that confirmation email as a way to enjoy the discounts at local businesses.


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