Local businesses welcome fly-fishing season

RENO, Nev. (KOLO) The Nevada Department of Wildlife will stock 55-hundred rainbow trout in the Truckee River Friday. They’ll be stocking from four locations along the river, including Fisherman's Park and the Dog Valley bridge in Verdi. This is the first visit of the NDOW fish truck to the Truckee River this year.

Image Source: USDA / MGN

More water and more fish mean more business for local fly-fishing shops.

“This year is going to be incredible. We had an awesome winter, last year and the year before, so all of the reservoirs will be topped off; the Truckee River will be flowing and beautiful considerably for the rest of the year. So we are looking really good for the season,” said Mike Anderson, from Reno Fly Shop.

US wildlife officials have stocked nearly 10 thousand fish in the river this year; 70 thousand trout are expected to be stocked by the end of the fall. NDOW should be stocking rivers weekly or bi-weekly until fall.