Local business provides back to school financial wellness

Published: Aug. 5, 2019 at 11:41 PM PDT
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Getting ready for school can be stressful to our finances, but it doesn’t have to be.

works to empower employees, individuals, parents and families to achieve financial wellness.

Back to school shopping can be fun for kids, but heavy on parent’s wallet. If we create a plan for purchasing school clothes and supplies, it can help take the edge off. The company developed a system called the ABC’s of back to school finances. The A stands for avoiding debt, B is for budgeting money, and C is for counting savings.

“It’s very effective in helping us increase our personal financial wellness, and it's especially effective at back to school time when the stress can really heat up with all the expenses that need to be purchased,” Kimberly Greenman, CEO and Founder of Financially Fit Employees said.

The company works with those who need help in those areas, budgeting money or saving money effectively. Greenman said parents typically make the same common mistake when trying to financially plan.

"Failing to save for those expenses that are around the corner at back to school time, and also forgetting to budget and staying within the budget for those expenses,” Greenman said, “That can lead to some unnecessary debt."

By taking the time to decide how much we want to spend on items before we buy them, Greenman said we feel more in control of our money. It’s important to also involve your children in the process.

"Including kids in those financial decision making processes within a family can be extremely beneficial not only for the parent's peace of mind, but also for the kids to begin to understand the benefits of budgeting," Greenman said.

Greenman said we can review with our children what they need and how much we have to spend on back to school items. By making our kids a part of the process, we empower them financially as well in every aspect of life.

"Our kids are watching everything we do financially speaking,” Greenman said, “If we make lots of purchases and put them on credit cards, our kids take notice. On the other hand if we are budgeting and saving our money for the thing that we need and want, our kids are also taking notice."

The business has received feedback from companies or individuals who have enrolled in the program.

"It’s so exciting to hear that they feel more empowered to save money, to be able to budget for the things they want and to actually realize that their financial goals are within reach," Greenman said.

The program costs $5 a month. If you’d like to enroll,

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