Local brewery to headline new contemporary food hall

TRUCKEE, Calif. (KOLO) - Opening a Fifty Fifty Brewing Company in Reno has been the plan for the owners since they opened their first location in Truckee in 2007, and now it’s finally happening.

At first Andy Barr and his wife only wanted to do distribute beer.

“And then we really liked the taproom restaurant concept because you get to know your customers and you direct feedback,” says Fifty Fifty Brewing Company owner Andy Barr.

After opening their first restaurant and their distribution center in Truckee, their dream turned into something bigger.

“I wish we would have expanded to Reno a couple years ago but we are finally doing it,” says Barr.

Now, almost 12 years later, Barr and his wife have decided to open their second restaurant at the Reno Public Market, the new name for Shoppers Square once renovations are done.

“It will be a little different; we are going to localize it really well based on kind of what that area needs and what’s missing. Conceptually, though, it will be the same idea; we will be brewing beer, we’ll be doing high-quality pub food,” says Barr.

Shoppers Square has been a part of the Reno community for more than 54 years. The redevelopment into the Reno Public Market is estimated to cost $34 million.

“It will be way different than anything you’ve seen in Reno,” says Reno Public Market partner Rick Casazza.

Casazza adds 60 percent of the building is empty. The current tenants will stay and a number of contemporary new shops will be added, as well as an organic grocery store and a food hall where Fifty Fifty Brewing Company will live as the anchor tenant.

“They have great food, great beer, and it’s going to be great for the community,” says Casazza.

Casazza says the fact the brewing company is a national award winner is special. Against 3,000 other companies, the Truckee brewery won the Great American Beer Festival’s “Brewery Group of the Year” along with three medals for three brews.

“We make beer and we serve food, but it’s really about getting together with friends and family and having experiences, and that’s kind of what the public market is about, bringing a lot of people together and enjoying stuff together,” says Barr.

The Reno Public Market is expected to bring 100 construction jobs and several hundred permanent new jobs. Barr say his company will be hiring more than 60 employees.

The Reno Public Market is slated to open in 2020.