Local Boy Scouts start selling Christmas trees

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RENO, Nev. (KOLO) - It's a busy time of year for local boy scouts.

They're hoping to sell more than a thousand Christmas trees as part of their annual fundraiser.

With two major truckloads of 1,100 trees.... troop 15 committee member Amy Kosey said they're hoping to sell out.

"We did increase our sales order this year by 10 percent so we're hoping to sell out as we have in the past so year we expect to hit our goal."

With around 75 people working on Black Friday to create tree tripods and cross beams, Thomas Drinkwater said they get the job done fast.

"We have both troops 15 and 35 out here. We'll be selling trees all the way up until Christmas," said Drinkwater. "We start today, we've already sold some trees."

Ricky Rubins and his family came out early Friday morning to get a good pick from the lot.

"It's nice to just give back to them," said Rubins. "It's a good program."

The troops will be selling trees until Christmas eve or until they sell out, Drinkwater said to come by earlier than later.

"We get to work the shifts with our friends so my best friends are in the troop," added Drinkwater. "I've known them since forever and it's just fun to sell trees and because they're four hour shifts, we get to have fun together and see the trees."

Local troops are selling two different types of trees at Moana nursery.

Noble firs are selling for $11 a foot and silver tips are $10 dollars a foot.

They're selling 7 days a week from 8am-8pm, with Sundays from 9 am at Moana nursery.

Other troops will be selling Christmas trees at Shoppers Square and Moana nursery, Moana nursey on Pyramid, that's north of McCarran and Mountain Hardware in Truckee.

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