Local veteran receives free car

Published: Dec. 21, 2017 at 5:25 PM PST
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Veteran Peter Lucas is stunned and left speechless after realizing the small walk to the parking lot with his kids would land him face to face with a new car.

The car is not new-new, rather restored by the owners and staff from CoAuto who were on hand to see first-hand how their hard work paid off.

“They caught me off guard. I had no clue this is what we were here for. This is so needed more than anything in my life right now,” says Lucas.


with mechanics and others working off and on to get the car back on the road.

When you hear how Lucas was getting his kids here and there before the temperatures dropped, the project was well worth it.

“We have been using a wagon, for the most part. If it is within a mile or two I've been pulling them in a wagon,” says Lucas.

“He is a single Marine, raising three children by himself. Perfectly healthy, he has been given job opportunities and he has not been able to take advantage of them, because he had no transportation,” says Shane Whitecloud with the


“The goal is to do one. Maybe we can do more. Just the joy it brings to everybody is why we do it,” says Vinnie Lucido, CoAuto owner.

But there is just one more question for Lucas. How?

“This year as with last we are asking the community to step forward if they can help him with the cost of registration and insurance."

Reno Chapter 1 Disabled American Veterans has donated money for registration.

Insurance is still needed. Contact Terri Russell at terri.russell@kolotv.com or Shane Whitecloud at swhitecloud@vetsresource.org

Those responsible for making this donation possible include:

Jon Pettingil, Factory Motor Parts, OReilly Auto Parts, Anthony Lucido, and Geoff the mechanic at CoAuto, as well as Dolan Auto Group.