Local Red Cross Field Center responds to Florence

Published: Sep. 13, 2018 at 5:58 PM PDT
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If you have ever contributed to the

and wonder where your money goes, look no further than the disaster field supply center off USA Parkway.

The 120,000-square-foot warehouse houses everything needed to respond to a disaster.

To understand how the center works, go to a shelter in Durham, North Carolina or any Red Cross Evacuation Center in the path of Hurricane Florence.

Cots and blankets and other supplies could easily have come from the warehouse in Northern Nevada.

The center off USA Parkway is one of five such centers run by the Red Cross that houses supplies and materials needed in times of disaster.

“They have shelter support. And that is all the stuff they need to set up a shelter. Cambros, which keep the food hot, it has drink containers that they put coffee in, you know different things in. There are cups,” says Kathy Northrip-Beith who manages the DFSC.

The standby call for Hurricane Florence response came in last Wednesday to this center. Within about 24 hours it was all systems go. Crews loaded pallets with requested materials. Two pallets can be put together in about an hour and a half.

They weigh about 25,000 pounds total and are loaded into trucks, which make their way to the soon-to-be disaster area.

Hurricane Florence is the first hurricane the center has responded to this year.

While the system is challenged with every disaster, it's also a learning process, which helps the centers and their crews improve with each response.

This center says they are always looking for volunteers and not necessarily in times of disaster. They would like forklift experience, but they say they'll be able to put you to work, any way they can.

If you’d like to volunteer at the warehouse contact Kathy Northrip-Beith at

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