Boy Scouts work to get Thanksgiving meals for families in need

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RENO, Nev. (KOLO)- Local Boy Scouts have been spending their free time outside Saint Vincent's Church in Reno.

They have been hosting a holiday food drive, to help families who cannot afford to buy ingredients for a Thanksgiving meal.

"There are just some families out there who do not have enough food" said Gary Benedict, a young Boy Scout.

Benedict and other Scout members did not spend their weekend playing video games, or relaxing at home. They spent their weekend working to gather food, so that families in need could have a Thanksgiving meal.

"They are willing to sacrifice their weekend to be able to do this," said Wayne Maloney, a Boy Scout leader.

Benedict said he feels happy that so many people donated to the cause.

"It just feels nice when people bring food for them," said Benedict.

One of the churchgoers who attends Saint Vincent's Church is happy to see the boys work for a great cause.

"I think it is wonderful" said Liz Tennant, "They have a great heart and are so involved in our community."

One of the Boy Scout Leaders said this helps teach them about service.

"It educates them as far as the need to help," said Russell Fromherz.

The Boy Scouts had their last collection Sunday, November 12. If you would like to donate, Saint Albert's Church will still be accepting donations.