Local Army recruiters warn about draft scam

Published: Jan. 10, 2020 at 4:49 PM PST
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A string of fake text messages and emails have been making their way across the country claiming to be the United States Army. The fake messages tell people they have been drafted to fight in Iran. The hoax comes shortly after tensions escalated between the United States and Iran.

"That's not how the Army works, we're not going to send a text out to those kids saying hey you've been drafted so to put their mind at ease, it doesn't work like that, so no they aren't drafted," Michael Patterson, the Sierra Nevada Recruiting Company Commander, at the local Reno Army recruiting office, says.

Patterson explains that it would take an act of Congress and then approval by the president for the draft to come back. The last time there was a draft in the United States was back in 1973.

"If you get a text like that just really ignore the text because there is nothing that is going to be sent officially and it won't come from the Army," he said.

Patterson said the best thing to do if you get one of these messages is to disregard it. He said despite the scam, his recruiters are focused on the job.

"We're pretty acclimated to hearing things and seeing things like this that come about and we've been taught on how to overcome these things so is it disheartening no, not really," he said. "It's just part of the everyday process that we go through and we just overcome and keep going."

Patterson said so far the Reno office has not had anyone show up in response to the text messages.

He also said the last thing anyone wants is a draft.

"We want people that want to be here and that's what we're excited about and we want to get those people in here and be part of the greatest team that the world has ever seen," he said.

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