Living tree for Christmas?

RENO, Nev. (KOLO) -- Stephen Giossi, owner of Old Stone House Nursery, shows us the most popular trees on his lot; these are cut trees ready for decoration.

Before taking it home, he says, lift the tree. If it’s heavy, that means it's full of water, a good thing. But you have to keep it that way.

“Put a fresh cut on it before you stand it in your water stand. Definitely do that--that is a pro. The biggest thing. though. is be diligent on your watering,” says Giossi.

Keep the tree watered and placed away from heat; the tree should last after New Year’s.

But if you want something more ever-lasting, how about a living tree? They are typically used to commemorate the birth of a child, a new home or even to honor someone who has passed during the year.

More expensive than a cut tree, they are smaller and come in buckets as they are for landscaping. Before that happens, though, it can be the family Christmas tree.

“It's a living, breathing thing. Bring it in the garage for three to four days before going into the house. And then the tree should only stay in the house seven to ten days at the max. And then on the way back out go into the garage for three or four days and then all the way back outside,” says Dale Carlon, an arborist with Carlon Consulting.

Just like a cut tree, you need to check the water by looking at the soil

“Clump up nicely, but it falls apart. It doesn't turn into a ball and get real soaking wet, you know, it’s just moist like mom's cake,” he says as he explains the consistency of the soil

You'll need to check the soil and continue to water the tree until you plant it. He says ice cubes away from the base of the tree will do the trick. Find a location that will allow the tree to grow, and Carlon says grow it will.

“Oh, 60 foot tall and 30 foot across, so be careful,” says Carlon.

Buy these trees small because with soil and water they can exceed 100 pounds. Place a drip pan under the tree while it is in the home to protect the floor.

If you are up to the challenge, the tree can be a great reminder or memory that awaits you every time you step outside.

Old Stone House Nursery Living Tree Tips:

*Place tree 3 days in garage or porch before bringing it in the house.
*Keep away from heating vents and wood burning stoves.
*Place auto oil drip pan under the tree
*Tree should be in house no longer than 10 days.
*Use only LED lights on tree.
*Check soil every day 2" below surface--moist not wet.
*Use ice cubes away from the base of the tree to water.
*Place tree back in garage or on porch three days before taking outside completely.
*Plant in a hole twice as wide and only as deep as the root ball.