Lexie's Gift unveils new closet

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RENO, Nev. (KOLO Lexie's Gift is unveiling it's newest closet all while partnering with the Katie Grace foundation*.

Their goal is to collect shoes, clothes and more all to provide young women with the necessary clothing they need..
to dress for success.

The non profit's newest closet is located at the Nevada Youth Empowerment Project or NYEP.

Barbie Marcoe is the president of Lexie's Gift.

"We were asked to come in and make it cute for the girls so they can shop so we have clothing, shoes and a couple of great things for the girls to use," said Marcoe. "A lot of the girls at NYEP come in and they need to get a job or completing school in one way or another or getting training, so it's important for them to feel good about how they look."

Zariah Caldwell said she was excited when she first heard about the organizations.

"It means a lot to me because I've never really got clothes when I was younger so coming here and having this project was just amazing to get the clothes I need for work," said Caldwell. "I didn't have any clothes because our attire is business professional 24/7 and they helped me out with that so now I have a lot of clothes to start my job and Im really excited."

Marcoe said she feels good knowing she's helping those in the community and is always looking to help in any way she can.

"We didn't have business clothes because we kind of did a casual thing in here and all of sudden we're like these girls are going out in the business world and we need better stuff in here," Marcoe added. "Knowing we kind of gave her a little bit of power when she walked in, she did get the job and we like to think we liked to play a part in that day."

Currently, this serves as a temporary location for them as they plan to expand Lexie's Gift closet in the next few months.

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