Lemmon Valley residents voice concerns to Washoe officials

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RENO, Nev. (KOLO)- Lemmon Valley residents are not feeling assured that Washoe County officials will do much to help residents with flooding this winter season.

The most recent storm has already caused some flooding into the front yards of some houses that sit in front of Swan Lake.

"Yeah, it is this early and the water is already up the road," said Alan Johnson, the son of two residents who live in Lemmon Valley. "It is going to be way worse than last year."

Johnson said there is not much they can do with the rising water but to put sandbags around the house.

The same day we interviewed Johnson, Washoe County officials held an open house for residents to ask local experts about flooding and the plan for the upcoming winter. Many residents showed up upset.

"This is supposed to be awareness for flooding but we have been flooded since January," said Lemmon Valley resident Kathy Jeter.

Jeter and her husband do not feel assured that county officials will help much if flooding were to occur. County officials, however, say they are prepared for the winter season.

"We had a little rainstorm last week, actually, a big rainstorm," said Assistant County Manager, Dave Solaro. "It showed us that we had a barrier system in place and pumps to get water out of that neighborhood."

If more storms come through this winter season, the water will rise. County officials said they have 6 feet before they reach the lake limit.

"The issue is if the lake gets to the point where we use the 6 feet of storage we got," said Solaro. "We are going to have to continue to add barriers to the neighborhoods and just play it out as it happens."

For now, the residents remain worried.

"Washoe County, City of Reno, State of Nevada all own parts of Swan Lake," said Jeter. "They need to come together and find a solution to fix this."