Lemmon Valley church still in recovery mode

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RENO, Nev. (KOLO) - Eleven years ago when Pastor Scott took the job at the New Life Assembly of God, he noticed on the map it was next to Swan Lake.

An image of lakefront property with a beautiful Northern Nevada sunset was what might have come to mind---much like the picture he took at the height of the flooding at his church earlier this year.

The water has since receded.

“Well, that Monday night before the 100-year flood, it looked like there was some water in the parking lot. I would have never thought that next morning, Tuesday, that we would have eight inches of water inside our church,’ says Pastor Scott with the New Life Assembly of God.

You can see how high the water got at the church; there are water marks everywhere to remind you.

“And you can see it goes around the entire perimeter,” says Pastor Scott.

Pastor Scott says they really didn't see any relief until pumps installed down the street to remove water on the roadway were moved down to them. Within two days, he says they finally saw solid ground. But that was just the beginning.

“Well, we had shelving all the way around. Then several refrigerators for frozen food or things that had to be refrigerated,” says the pastor as he takes me inside the meeting hall, which also housed the church's food pantry and kitchen.

“The black mold had risen, so we had to go almost to the ceiling, to make sure it was all eradicated,” says Pastor Scott as he points to the ceiling and then the floor.

Walls are taken down to the frame. He shows us a picture of conditions parishioners worked in to salvage what they could. Outside refrigerators with condiments still inside, the stove and water heater made it as well. He says anyone who wants the sandbags are free to take them off property.

“Our goal is to move them because we think we'll be okay to re-build and come back,” say Pastor Scott.

The Nazarene Church on Patrician Drive has accommodated the parishioners from the New Life Assembly of God by allowing them to use their facility for services and bible study. Pastor Scott says if all goes well, the congregation should be back at the church on Nectar and Lemmon Valley Drive by early January 2018.