Legislation to address rooftop solar

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CARSON CITY, Nev. (KOLO) Assembly Bill 270 would bring back net metering for rooftop solar customers in Nevada.

"In essence it brings us back to pre-2015 legislation and PUC findings so rooftop solar customers would get the retail rate on the energy they produce back into the system," said Assemblyman Justin Watkins.

He says it's something his constituents have been asking for.

"I think it appeals to everybody," Watkins said. "Frankly, it provides a mechanism by which rooftop solar companies can get back into the market. I think it's a win-win; we get a bunch of people back to work, we increase our energy portfolio in the renewable realm and we give people a choice as to what energy they want."

The hope is to make rooftop solar economically viable again and revive an industry that's been in decline since legislation from the last session took effect.

"This is a starting point of a discussion between the industry and the utility," Watkins said. "My hope is that at the end of this session we have some sort of agreement amongst everybody and this becomes a bill that's backed by the utility, backed by the industry and backed by the lawmakers."