Latest chapter for rising political star Ruben Kihuen: Congress

Ruben Kihuen Twitter photograph.
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LAS VEGAS (AP) - Democratic congressman-elect Ruben Kihuen is heading to orientation and planning a rural tour of his diverse Nevada district as he gears up for the latest chapter in his ascendant political career.

The former state lawmaker resigned from his state Senate seat this month and will spend the week in Washington, D.C., where he's learning how to run a district office to serve constituents day-to-day.

Kihuen befriended presidents and political scions like Sen. Harry Reid during a decade in elected office before notching a four-point victory over freshman Republican incumbent Rep. Cresent Hardy.

His party is in the minority in the House after Republicans swept to power in other parts of the country, but he says he'll try to team up with Republicans to work on infrastructure and immigration policy priorities.

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