Las Vegas school keeps child in class with broken elbow

Published: Sep. 28, 2016 at 10:18 PM PDT
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Parents say there was no nurse at their daughter's school the day she was sent back to class with a broken elbow, instead of to a hospital.

The child was playing on the monkey bars during recess on Monday, when she fell of and broke her elbow. The parents told FOX5 recess is usually around 11 a.m., and when they picked up their daughter from school at 2:40 p.m., she was hysterical and in pain.

What was supposed to be a normal school pickup for mom Marki Eisenhour turned out to be a trip to the emergency room.

"She shows me her elbow; it's extremely swollen. She's crying still. She told me it happened at recess," said Coral Academy mom Marki Eisenhour.

Eisenhour said Lleylan was sent to the office instead of the nurse because, as of last week, Coral Academy, located on Nellis Air Force Base, did not have a full-time nurse on hand. As a charter school, it is required to have a nurse by law.

"It happened to be the attendance lady, who told her she was fine and go back to class, twice," Eisenhour said.

For three-plus hours, Lleylan was forced to stay in class till the final bell rang, in pain, with what doctors later told Eisenhour was a broken elbow.

"We were shocked she went on for the rest of the school day," Eisenhour said. "I would at least expect a note, at the very least or a phone call, because we give our emergency contact information at the beginning of the year."

Eisenhour even said she tried contacting Lleylan's teacher directly on Dojo, an app that allows instant communication between parents and teachers. But for more than a week, all she has received is silence.

"It's upsetting because I feel like Lleylan was in pain for a long time, and I'm scared for the other kids at this point, because there isn't a nurse there. They're using their office staff to help tend to the kids," Eisenhour said.

But in a statement, Vox Solid Communications said on behalf of Coral Academy:

"Coral Academy of Science at Nellis currently has a full-time nurse on staff. In this particular case, the student was not in distress, nor did she have any discoloration, etc. We have since resolved the incident with the student's parents and no further action is needed."

Eisenhour said she's scared and hesitant to even send her little girl to school because she doesn't know in what shape her daughter will come home.

"I'm scared every day I don't hear anything," Eisenhour said. "I even reached out to her teacher if she could have a little buddy for her because she has a broken arm now. Like, is anyone going to help her? I don't know. It's worrisome; no there was no response to that."

FOX5 confirmed with the school they now have a full-time nurse, but school officials not tell us when the nurse was hired.

Parents said if a nurse has been hired, they have not been notified.