Las Vegas Police make arrests in fuel theft ring

Mugshots courtesy LVMPD
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LAS VEGAS, NV (KOLO) - Las Vegas Metropolitan Police have made several arrests connected to a fuel theft operation.

In recent months, detectives have been investigating crimes in which thieves have been fraudulently buying fuel and selling it illegally. In the scam, thieves buy fuel with cloned cards using stolen credit information acquired through skimming. The thieves then fill modified pickups and vans equipped with large supplemental tanks capable of holding 300 gallons or more with gasoline or diesel. The fuel is then taken to residential areas, where it is sold directly from the vehicle or from a residence where a storage tank has been placed in a garage or backyard.

Police say, "This operation creates a potential danger to the general public. Gasoline is highly flammable, and the transportation, storage, and distribution of large amounts poses a serious risk to the public.
Through the course of the investigation, detectives have arrested over two dozen suspects and confiscated numerous vehicles and seized thousands of gallons of fuel."

Police worked with the Clark County and Las Vegas Fire Departments, as well as Secret Service.

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Mugshots courtesy LVMPD
Photo courtesy LVMPD