Kobe Bryant helicopter lacked recommended safety device

The Los Angeles Lakers will no longer be the only NBA team to have retired Kobe Bryant's No. 24. / (MGN)
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LOS ANGELES (AP) - Investigators said the helicopter carrying Kobe Bryant didn’t have a recommended warning system to alert the pilot he was too close to land.

Investigators also said Tuesday it’s not clear it would have averted Sunday's crash outside Los Angeles that killed nine because the pilot may have lost control as the aircraft plunged into a fog-shrouded mountain.

Pilot Ara Zobayan had been climbing out of the clouds when the aircraft banked left and began a sudden and terrifying descent that lasted nearly a minute.

Los Angeles County coroner's officials have identified the bodies of Bryant and three others. Five other victims, including Bryant's 13-year-old daughter, haven't been officially confirmed but friends, family and acquaintances have ID'd them. 

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