Kids & Horses looking to recruit more adults

MINDEN, NV (KOLO) -- The name Kids and Horses may lead you to think the Minden nonprofit works solely with children through the use of therapy horses. But that is not the case, adults battling disabilities can benefit as well.

Our KoloCares Pillar Partner is hoping to recruit more adults, who many times pay absolutely nothing to take advantage of these life-changing opportunities.

From Autism, Cerebral Palsy, the list goes on and on. The therapy horses at Kids and Horses are trained to handle numerous situations and clients. “They go through a very rigorous process of getting them ready or conditioned to work with people that have various disabilities, so that they are safe, explains Teru Langsdale.

She is a Certified Brain Injury Specialist that works with the Minden nonprofit. While the name and majority of the clients signify a younger demographic, Langsdale is hoping to bring in a different crowd, as she explains, “It’s definitely not isolated to only doing children and I'd actually like to bridge that gap by bringing some adults in here that I think can really benefit. I know we have a lot of veterans that come home from service that have traumatic brain injuries or PTSD or things that really can be beneficial to a therapeutic process and especially with speech therapy and non-cognitive rehab and working on speech and language and even self-confidence.”

Langsdale says Kids and Horses is a great avenue for adults battling Parkinson’s, a stroke, injuries from a car accident and our brave service men and women. In her line of work, being in a traditional clinic limits most medical professionals, but she says six beautiful acres offers the perfect office space, “I think just the environment would be really comforting and that might even be a place that they would like to volunteer and I'd like to bring more adults and more people that have returned home as veterans to the program.”

There is not an age limit and no experience with horses is necessary, just an open mind is all that's needed…the horses and therapists will be right by your side.

Scholarships are available for financial assistance. Physical or Occupational Therapy is dependent on your insurance, but the agency says Medicaid usually covers 100 percent of the cost.

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