Kid-friendly specialty donut shop opens in Reno

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RENO, Nev. (KOLO) -- UPDATE: The store is now open; grand opening was February 17, 2018.

Holey Schmidt! Donuts opened Saturday next to the Discovery Museum. Photo by Denise Wong/KOLO.

ORIGINAL STORY: At Holey Schmidt! Donuts, the wall art is up and so are the display cases just waiting to be filled. The shop, which is right next door to the Discovery Museum, is a dream come true for owners Cadi and Galen Schmidt. Their goal was to create a fun place where parents like themselves could take their little ones while enjoying a sweet treat.

"As a mom, there's not that many places that you want to take your kids," says Cadi Schmidt. "You don't want them to be too loud, you don't want them to be touching things they shouldn't be touching and so we wanted a place that you could bring your kids and feel comfortable."

That's why they made it more than just a donut shop. It's got a designated area where children are encouraged to get creative.

"We actually have a kid wall with chalkboard magnet, and Legos, so you can bring your kid, eat your donut and drink your coffee and let your kid play and just really hang out," says Cadi Schmidt. "We have a really big space in here. We have lots of tables, so we want people to not just come and eat donuts. We want people to come enjoy and stay."

There's also a large window where kids can watch donuts being made.

"My wife and I have two young daughters and we like to go places where our kids are welcome and are comfortable and we don't have to sit and hover over them and worry about interrupting others," says Galen Schmidt.

While the Schmidts are certain kids will love the place, they're hoping their specialty donuts and innovative flavors will keep adults coming back. They plan to feature 50 to 75 flavors each day-- and you can expect some creative and wacky ones. Some may have cereal on top or candy bar pieces. The Schmidts say they plan to switch things up.

"So one of the ones I'm really excited about is a blackberry fritter. I love fritters," says Galen Schmidt. "I'm also a spicy guy, so I'm really excited about my jalapeno fritter that I'm working on. I mean, anything that you can put a sweet on, you can donutify!"

The Schmidts couldn't have nabbed a sweeter location for their family business. The store isn't just next to the Discovery Museum; it's housed in the same building in Midtown. The store has already attracted a lot of inquiries from families on their way to the discovery museum.

"We've been waiting for that donut shop to open every time we come to the museum," says Michael Lentz, visiting the Discovery Museum with his family. He says he lives just down the street and prefers to shop local, so this will be a place he plans to visit often with his toddler.