Khizr Kahn campaigns in Reno for Joe Biden

RENO, Nev. (KOLO) - If you think that night in Philadelphia four years ago was just for show, think again.

Khizr Kahn does actually carry a copy of the U.S Constitution in his pocket wherever he goes.

“There is a reason why I carry it in my pocket,” says Khan. “In this pocket is enshrined the good nature of this country,” he says.

He spoke at the Democratic Convention in 2016 at the encouragement of children in 5th and 6th grade, worried their classmate would be thrown out of the country.

In Philadelphia, he talked about his son, a captain who lost his life in Iraq.

He then directed his comments to then candidate Donald Trump.

“You have sacrificed nothing,” said Kahn.

The packed convention roared with approval. His life would never be the same. He and his wife were criticized by Donald Trump. His once quiet life was no more.

But later he says he was asked to visit Vice President Joe Biden.

Kahn says Biden showed him pictures of his family and talked of them in detail.

“He placed one hand on my shoulder, one hand on my wife's shoulder and said folks you are my family. I don't want you to worry,” said Kahn of his visit with Biden.

A relationship followed.

Which is why Kahn does not hesitate to campaign across the country for Joe Biden, including Reno.

Of the other presidential candidates he says, “They are all wonderful people. They are good people. They are patriots. Yes we could have chosen anyone.”

Kahn says he goes wherever Joe Biden asks him to travel.

In Reno, on the night of Feb. 5, 2020, he was at the Northern Nevada Muslim Community Center, encouraging members to get involved--especially in the Nevada Caucus later this month.

He says there really are no other options.

“Silence and being quiet and being non participants in a democracy is no choice,” he says.

“It means you do not exist.”

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