RTC adjusts traffic pattern during Keystone/California roadwork

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RENO, NV (KOLO) UPDATE: The Regional Transportation Commission has revised its traffic plan for the Keystone/California roadwork project designed to ease the impact of construction on the community.

Updated detour map of California/Keystone intersection

The revised map is attached to this story.

- Starting Wednesday, June 12, 2019, at 6 a.m. through mid-July 2019, California Ave. will reopen to traffic in both directions in the construction zone.
- Booth Street will be closed in both directions from California Ave. to Foster Dr. during this same time period.
- Keystone Ave. will also remain closed to northbound traffic from Booth St. to Riverside Dr.
- Keystone Ave. will not be accessible from California Ave.

Detours will be in place during construction. For safety reasons, there is no pedestrian access through California Ave. from Newlands Circle to Booth St. during construction.

In mid-July, the California Ave./Keystone Ave. intersection will return to a full closure so crews can finish construction before Reno High School is back in session.

ORIGINAL STORY: The intersection of Keystone Avenue and California Avenue is set to receive a much-needed overhaul.

“We are going to be reconstructing the pavement, and also dramatically improving the bicycle and pedestrian access,” said Scott Gibson of the Regional Transportation Commission, which is overseeing the $2.8 million project

Work got underway June 10, 2019, running until mid-August. Until then, detours will be in place.

“It may increase their travel time by five minutes but it will allow us to finish it in a shorter period of time.”

Right now it’s tricky to get around the area as a pedestrian. For decades now, walking along the south side of California Avenue has meant walking on one of the narrowest sidewalks in town. This project will widen it and add a bike lane.

“When this was built there was no thought of moving anything through that intersection except cars," Gibson explained.

The north side of California Avenue will also change. Currently all pedestrians there are forced into a tunnel, which leads down to the Foster Drive underpass. The project will create a sidewalk leading down to Booth Street by Reno High School.

“There are also some long-range improvements that are planned, including the Keystone bridge, which is structurally deficient at this point,” said Gibson.

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Updated detour map of California/Keystone intersection