Keva Juice sees uptick in digital sales during pandemic

RENO, Nev. (KOLO) - Many businesses are closed or either adjusting to this new normal during the coronavirus pandemic. Keva Juice is one of the few businesses that has its doors open and the owners said they’re doing much better than they anticipated.

According to owner Gary Thomas he was expecting the worst when Governor Steve Sisolak mandated all non-essential businesses to close amid coronavirus concerns.

Thomas said, “When the Governor made the announcement, we went in to full crisis mode, life as we know it was over.” Thomas and his wife Jennifer re-strategized their online business plan pretty quickly.

“Literally we did this in 24 hours we revamped our website, revamped our online ordering system, we partnered with all of our delivery partners to see what they can do to support us and make it easier for customers to order,” said Thomas.

Keva Juice saw an uptick in digital sales. “It went from about 10% of our business to almost 50% of our business overnight probably within 2- 3 days.”

Between online orders and a few walk-ins, all four of its Northern Nevada stores get about 150 orders each every day.

Thomas said they scaled back on a few store hours, but is fortunate enough no employees were laid off.

Employee Nicole Werdann said, “I’m so lucky and I am surrounded by greens and healthy alternatives that definitely keep my body safe and protected by the virus.”

Thomas said the reason Keva Juice is thriving is because of their products. He said customers want to stay healthy especially now.

Customer Adam Zockoll said he orders from Keva Juice once a week and uses their curbside pick-up. Zockoll said, “I don’t want to have to expose myself to things I cannot see, more than I would need to, so this is convenient.”

Zockoll added, “If we are not healthy and catch something we are going to be in worst trouble, so might as well be prepared.”

Another customer Katie Nichols said, “Boost that immune system so we are not getting sick, get our fruits and vegetables in.”

During this pandemic Keva Juice is adding an extra element shot to its smoothies to say thank you to their customers and to keep the community healthy and strong.

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