Keeping pets warm during cold weather

Published: Dec. 4, 2019 at 9:23 AM PST
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As temperatures continue to drop its important to keep your pets warm this season. According to the Nevada Humane Society’s Greg Hall and ASPCA there are a few tips you can do to protect your pets. A good rule of thumb is treat your pets like you would yourself. If you’re cold, your pet is too.

Hall said, “You do have to be careful, once it gets down to freezing temperatures if the dog is wet or if a cat steps in a puddle, you know walking to their shelter, and their cold, it is very difficult to warm up, that's when we really notice problems when it gets below 32 degrees.”

Hall encourages people to bring their pets inside when it is cold and be mindful of all breeds, even the Northern breeds get cold too. He said there are two signs to watch out for during the cold season.

“If they are shivering, and if they are looking lethargic, those will be two big signs that suggest they are hypothermic," said Hall.

The following are some tips from NHS and


- Be mindful of the salt, ice, and snow on the ground which could be

harmful for their paws.

- Do not leave pets inside your car.

- Provide booties and sweaters

- Avoid grooming your pets, longer coats provide more warmth.

If you do not have a pet there are some things you can do to help animals. Hall said to knock on the hood of your car or open it up before you drive there might be a feline passenger trying to stay warm for the night.

If you see a troubled pet who is cold you can call


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