Keeping it local: Smokin Snowboards prepares for busy winter

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SPARKS, Nev. (KOLO) As winter nears, production is in full swing at Smokin Snowboards - a local factory in west Sparks.

“On a good day we are probably doing about 18-20 a day,” says production manager Chris Cowell.

He showed us the board-making process beginning with the wood, which is imported from the Pacific Northwest. The cut of that wood is nothing if not precise, a process now aided by computers.

The boards are then wrapped in plastic, and it must be tight.

“It’s important to protect it so the water can’t seep in there and break the board,” Cowell explained.

Finally, artwork is applied to the outside. Much of the process is done by hand, without the help of machines.

“There are parts in this process that machines just can’t do,” Cowell said. “Every single board has hands on them. Some have more on them than others. We have more than most other factories do.”

Last winter brought record snowfall to our area, something that was a boon for their local sales.

“It had a great impact,” Cowell described. “But we aren’t just reliant on what happens locally. We get orders online from all over the world. Anytime it snows and people get excited. People want snowboards.”

You’ll find their boards locally at Bobos mogul mouse, but due to online sales, Asia has become a key market for them as well.

Cowell says the hope is to sell between 2000 and 2500 boards this winter – adding that they have usually met their goals in previous years.

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