Jacobs Entertainment bringing new apartments to downtown Reno

RENO, Nev. (KOLO) Jacobs Entertainment is remodeling and converting the Courtyard Inn Motel into a new 38-unit apartment complex. The price range for the new units will be $1,200 for a furnished room, $1,000 for unfurnished and a special $700 rate for seniors.

"We are going to take everything out, just like we did with Renova, and replace it with clean, safe, community living so it's more of a rip and replace than a remodel," Jonathan Boulware, of Jacobs Entertainment, said.

Loft 601 is set to be completed in the spring of 2020.

Jacobs Entertainment will be relocating the tenant currently living at the motel.

"Our goal as it has always been, and we're pretty successful at this, is to relocate the residents not into motels, but into apartments, and houses or sometimes they relocate to different states and that's what we'll help them do as well," he said.

Some residents at the motel are living with bed bugs, mold and no heat.

"You see these people coming with tears in their eyes because they're so happy to finally get out of these living conditions," Boulware said. "Why wouldn't you do that?"

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