Increasing safety and security seen after local murders

Published: Jan. 18, 2019 at 5:35 PM PST
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In the wake of four murders in


counties, people are increasing home and personal security.

"The phones are ringing off the hook," Dave Sinclair, president of CEI Security, says. "And it's not just people that want to get alarm systems; it's people that want to know how to use the existing system they have."

Maccabee Arms says it has seen an influx of new customers in recent days.

"Driven by fear, we started seeing it after Douglas County and then the incidents a couple of nights ago and we've been seeing an uptick, especially this morning," Sharon Oren, the owner, says.

Sinclair says home security systems are a deterrent for predators.

"According to the FBI, if you have yard signs and window stickers, you're three times more likely not to get robbed. If you're a burglar, and they aren't always the smartest guys in the world but they can figure out if you have an alarm or not, if you had an alarm at this house and not at this house which one would you break into?" Sinclair says.

Oren cautions that if you are buying a gun, it's imperative that you know how to use it.

"It's like a sport, you want to take on golfing or skiing or mountain biking, you want to get trained, the same thing when it comes to firearms," Oren says.

He also cautions people not to become complacent once those responsible for these deaths are caught.

"That's the biggest problem we have, we have a very short memory; just because this person is going to get caught and hopefully soon doesn't mean there's not another predator out there," he says.