In an emergency, do you know what to do?

RENO, Nev (KOLO) -- The Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) Academy kicked off its quarterly training to prepare people for a disaster.

"If something happened tomorrow, I wouldn't know what to do," said Paul Lenart, CERT student.

Some of us have feelings similar to that and around a dozen people want to make sure they don't have to utter that statement again.

"The feeling of being helpless. I don't like the feeling of being a burden on other people that they have to deal with. I would rather be a resource that can help other people," said Lenart.

CERT provides residents with the information they need to help save lives and reduce trauma in the event of an emergency before first responders arrive. Training includes disaster preparedness, fire safety, light search and rescue, and terrorism awareness education.

"They will know enough and feel comfortable enough that they have the knowledge to step up and help," said Shirlee Rhodes, Citizen Crops Program Manager.

The class is completed through six training sessions over two consecutive weekends. Once you complete it, you can choose whether to volunteer with the CERT team.

For Christina Marrujo, she decided to go through the training after seeing the devastation left behind from Hurricane Harvey.

"A lot of times they say there aren't enough people to help and I just felt like it's time for me to stand up and come do my part as well," said Marrujo, CERT student.

Almost 200 people volunteer with CERT. Whether you are with the program or not, the message is simple.

"Be prepared because you never know when or where something is going to happen," said Marrujo.

The training is free and no special skills are required. If you want more information, click here.