Viewer makes generous gesture to scam victims

Published: Jan. 17, 2018 at 6:16 PM PST
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This past weekend, Chance Geving met a man at a local bank. He was buying a car for his son, Tyson, replacing the one just wrecked by a drunk driver.

Everything looked great and checked out. The car and the seller, who identified himself as Jeffrey Murden, both seemed to be as advertised. in Craig's List.

$4500 was exchanged. Bill of sale signed. Key turned over, but when their backs were turned, Murden made off with the car and the cash.

Police are looking for him. They're looking in Las Vegas where he's a suspect in a similar case as well.

. It's likely most who saw it shook their heads, felt sorry for Geving and his son, perhaps were grateful for the hard lesson their experience taught.

One of our viewers went further, sending us an email with an offer. She had a car she didn't need and she'd give it to to the victims of this scam.

She wasn't looking for any notice. We had to agree to use only her first name and not show her face on camera.

"I hate thieves," she told us later. "I absolutely hate thieves and I just wanted to make it right."

I contacted both sides and they met for the first time. The car is an older, but well-maintained Saturn, a good reliable ride for a young student.

A surprise for a family fresh from an experience with the worst of us, now meeting one of the best.

"You hear on the news sometimes it will happen," said Tyson, sitting in the car that was now his. "You've got great neighbors in the community, but I didn't think I was going to be that lucky person. So, just extremely grateful for it honestly."

"My goal was to warn the community," added his father,. "I wasn't expecting anything like this, but what a gesture."

Indeed. A generous gesture from a stranger, but a neighbor just the same. And something that allowed us to do something we don't often get to do--put a happy ending on a crime story. Thanks to all.