Hurricane Harvey dogs find new local homes

Published: Oct. 15, 2017 at 5:02 PM PDT
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You may remember pictures of Pooh and Satin from Shelley Park in Sparks.

The two along with two other Dalmatian cross canines had made the long trip from Houston in desperate need of homes after Hurricane Harvey.

Satin is now Luna.

Her new owners John and Denise Miller took her on after our story. The couple had experience with deaf Dalmatians, which is how Luna was described. Turns out Luna just has selective hearing.

“Turns her head every time we talk. And she obeys commands. Even if we talk quietly, she hears us,” says Denise.

“She can hear a pin drop,” adds John.

Spock, a.k.a Lenny was one of the first of the original dogs to find a home.

Nev Trevino says when she saw the dog was slated for euthanization at a shelter near Houston on Facebook, she had to have him.

“Super easy to please. I think he knows that he got another chance, and he wants to do everything he can for you,” says Trevino.

Pooh now lives in Las Vegas.

Michelle Danielson who went down to Houston to rescue the dogs, and put an all-out call to adopt them, says she got an email after our story aired, and it all worked out from there.

”We met in Tonopah, and the guy showed up in his Tesla, and took Pooh home. So, it was great ending to the story. The gentleman has his own business, and Pooh gets to go to work with him every day,” says Danielson with Dalmatian Rescue Colorado.

While both Pooh and Lenny were diagnosed with heart worm, Fairgrounds Veterinary has helped the new owners with exams and treatment at a reduced rate.

Danielson says the outpouring of support for the dogs was a bit overwhelming.

But now there is peace of mind as Luna, Lenny and the rest move from the Lone Star State to the Silver State with brighter futures ahead.

If you would like more information on Dalmatian-mix dogs who need new homes, contact Michelle Danielson at