Hungry Valley hosts Numaga Indian Days Pow Wow

Published: Sep. 3, 2017 at 12:06 AM PDT
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A colorful celebration of culture, the 31st annual Numaga Indian Days Pow Wow is going on this weekend.

Some of the best Native Americans dancers, singers and drummers in the country are in Hungry Valley.

"It’s all about celebrating," said Jermaine Bell, Pow Wow Head Judge.

The annual Numaga Indian Days Pow Wow sets out to celebrate culture, life and family.

"A lot of people I get to meet up with and rekindle old friendships as well," said Bell.

Lois Kane has been dancing for the past 20 years. She was one of more than 200 dancers in the Grand Entry.

The Pow Wow hosts hand games, dance and drum competitions. For Kane, dancing is a way of bringing happiness.

"It brings a lot of joy knowing that you are dancing for all of the people like those who can't dance anymore. You are dancing for the people," said Kane.

Besides the Pow Wow entertainment, several vendors sold traditional native foods, handcrafted silverwork and other American Indian traditional and fine art. Non-native Americans are encouraged to attend the free event to learn about the culture.

"Significance of this valley and teaching our children their heritage and culture, the songs and the dances, it's a big celebration," said Chairman Arlan Melendez, Reno-Sparks Indian Colony.

"We want everybody to go to as much as Pow Wow and learn this culture. Without learning, you are just going to assume and we want you to come over here and learn about our ways. That way, you can understand us and we can understand each other and we can all have fun together," said Bell.

Numaga Indian Days Pow Wow wraps up September 3, 2017.