Huge Douglas County company celebrates 60 years

Tracey Generation Station Manager, Sean Berryman, giving tour to KOLO 8 News Now's Noah Bond and Bently Nevada executives
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MINDEN, Nev. (KOLO) - Bently Nevada is celebrating more than 60 years of business as of October 2018, and has announced a continued investment in research & development funding over the next three years.

Bently says with more than 600 employees in Minden, it is the largest employer in Douglas County and has been providing asset condition monitoring and protection since the 1960s. Bently is a business of Baker Hughes, GE company, which was a focus of a KOLO Made in Nevada segment.

Six decades ago, founder Don Bently developed Eddy current sensors in his own garage, leading to the creation of Bently Nevada LLC in Carson Valley. Bently continues to offer products and services designed, according to a release, to "protect the safety and enhance the capabilities of critical equipment in approximately 120 countries and more than a dozen industries."

In the early 2000s, Bently was acquired by GE, and in 2017, Bently became part of BHGE, building relationships with universities across the region, leading graduates to begin their careers in Douglas County and elsewhere. Bently says that will continue to be the case.

“Bently is a vital part of the BHGE portfolio and an integral part of the local community,” says Terry Knight, President & CEO of Bently Nevada. “The technology we develop here in Minden and across our global locations helps improve our everyday lives, even though you don’t always see it day-to-day. As we look towards the next 60 years of innovation, we remain committed to developing the best products, services and solutions we can while remaining focused on our fantastic employees, particularly here at our headquarters in Nevada.”

Bently remains headquartered in Minden.