Hug High Senior works out of comfort zone

RENO, NV (KOLO) Ask Paulina Zamarripa-Miranda where her energy and drive comes from, and she reflects on her father's advice back in grade school.

He would say, “Saco un diez,” give 100%. So that is what I would tell myself as a little kid,” she says. .

The 100% would not only apply to her effort but also the many school activities and programs she joined over the four years at Hug High.

There aren't a hundred, but consider she's in Key Club, National Honor Society, varsity tennis, police junior cadets, Renown Summer Volunteer Program, and she enrolled in the school's health sciences academy.

That’s the short list.

She says she likes to work outside her comfort zone, and her parents have reluctantly watched her engage in programs outside reading, writing and arithmetic.

When conflict arose, she used a unique technique to settle the uncertainty--she called a meeting.

“I would have my counselors and teachers say to him, like, Paulina isn't doing anything bad. “She is just helping her community. So my dad would say, um. okay,” says Zamarripa-Miranda of one meeting.

She's held those meetings more than once, won the day and continued to push herself by researching her interests and then pursuing them.

Much of that direction comes from her counselor Carly Lott, who says while Paulina likes to stand out in a crowd, she's also successful working behind the scenes.

“Our police officer on campus would say she has coordinated this huge event for RPD,” says Lott of one conversation. “We are so grateful for her. So she touches all these little bits of campus, I don't think anyone knows all the things she does,” says Lott.

Lott says Paulina asked about scholarships, got the information and then took off filling out applications.

She will enter UNR without having to worry about tuition, books, or dorm fees.

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