How COVID-19 is changing emergency preparedness

Published: Apr. 29, 2020 at 3:07 PM PDT
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You can never be too prepared. That's the advice from a local survival store.

Paul Lessard is the product specialist at Prep and Save.

"A lot of people think of survival stores as end of the world stuff. No, we want people to get prepared for anything," said Lessard. "Life is full of surprises."

Preparing for life's surprises is what Lessard is all about.

Just a few weeks ago, he said they sold out of water supplies, ready-to-eat meals and more due to the COVID-19 outbreak, showing how most of us are unprepared until the last minute.

"You don't have to be like me and have tons of stuff," Lessard explained." You should have at least two weeks of stuff because you never know how long help will arrive from the government."

He recommends to start with an emergency survival kit with the basic necessities.

"It's the water, food, radio, first aid kit, things like that," added Lessard. "We also sell everything by the piece so no matter what you're into, we have the supply so you can stock up your own bag for your car or home."

It's just not enough to gather essential items, Lessard said disaster readiness can make all the difference.

After restrictions are lifted, Prep and Save will start offering emergency preparedness classes, which you sign up for online or in store.

"What we learn from our customers is people get nervous to talk to friends or family because they'll get labeled as crazy," added Lessard. "They come here and vent their concerns, reassure them and show them what they should do."

Take a lesson from Lessard, he said prepping is all about self-reliance and building the skills and resources you need to survive.

"I think everybody should be aware," explained Lessard. "Look at COVID-19. It came out of nowhere and hit us fast."

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