Housing in Reno: Solutions & Strategies

RENO, Nev. (KOLO) The City of Reno has put together a website to help direct residents to housing resources. But that is not all contained on the Reno Housing Strategies Update.

There are measures the city has included in the website to help address not just affordable housing, but housing period.

The city points to this priority housing puzzle contained in the website which shows programs either implemented or proposed to help get residents into housing. They point to the housing project on Sage Street that should be open by the holidays.

This project, they say, should help get low-income residents back on their feet and into apartments.

Speaking of apartments, the Steamboat by Vintage, Sky Mountain by Vintage and the Summit Club, once complete, will offer more than a thousand low-income apartments.

But there are other projects like the Reno Works Program for the homeless, as well as the Good Landlord Program.

"Our shared housing initiative, which is very outside-the-box thinking. Tiny homes initiative looking how we can be private-public partners with other developers. And if we can continue to create more affordable housing and workforce housing, we can keep people in the market and we can stabilize it,” says Mayor Hillary Schieve.

The mayor says affordable housing is not unique to the area. The problem, she says, is nationwide.