Housing for 1300 incoming UNR students may be solved

RENO, NV (KOLO) There was plenty of devastation caused by a boiler malfunction at Argenta Hall two weeks ago.

Besides dorm rooms declared inhabitable, the main commissary on campus is now less than appetizing.

A daunting task to repair.

But what was of more pressing issue, where to place incoming students in less than a month, and where will they get their meals--all 1300 of them.

“It's looking forward,” says Shannon Ellis, Vice President of UNR Student Services. “It's looking positive. It's looking about getting back to the team spirit to build something. So it has been actually refreshing,” she says of the challenges they faced.

Ellis says teams started immediately looking for alternatives.

The goal she says, was to keep all the students together.

Placing them individually out to sponsor homes, although offered, was not on the table.

Enter the El Dorado offering up the sky tower of the Circus-Circus to the university.
With very little effort it could be done.

“They don't have to do very much of anything at all. Because it has its own separate entrance, with a place to drop off and pick up people. Its own desk that will be staffing on the west side across from Saint Mary's. So it is not anywhere near the gaming,” says Ellis.

Today the University Board of Regents approved continued negotiations with the El Dorado for what could be the new Wolf Pack Tower.

While the state of housing for the more than 1,000 students may soon be solved, where to feed them is the next hurdle.

A temporary commissary will be set up as school begins.

But by November, on a spot between the Thompson Building and the Jot Travis Building a location for a semi -permanent dining hall.

Ellis says she and others at the university were determined to not let an explosion interfere with a college experience that requires student safety and sustenance.